Community Giving

Be a part of the Community Giving Connection, get plugged-in.

If you and your organization are looking for a way to support the agencies that provide services to people in need, we can help.

Consider giving gift certificates in lieu of goods. Here are a few of the benefits:
They provide flexibility and dignity and offer people the option of choosing what they or their families need.
They require little storage space and are not perishable, so the spirit of giving can be extended year-round. Agencies can redeem them when they are needed.
Gift Certificates can specify precisely what it is you wish to give (for example: food only, men’s clothing, children’s toy, toiletries, etc.). This is known as designating your funds or gift certificates.
Grocery stores, clothing stores, coffee shops, restaurants and discount stores are all potential places to purchase gift certificates.
All donations welcomed.

Gift certificates can be sent directly to the agency of your choice. For ideas and more information on where to send gift certificates, see the list of participating agencies below.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

Groups and agencies can apply to be listed here.
Community Giving Connection Application

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